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Disco corto corto. 23 canzoni in 20:50 minuti. Se volete sentire un gruppo noisecore (che però sotto sotto sono punk) assai tecnico e che usa il vocabolario come base dei testi allora benvenuti!
Il disco va sentito anche solo per i titoli.. Un gruppo che intitola una canzone "The half-eaten sausage would like to see you in his office" va venerato! E live suonano vestiti da locuste.. Non dico altro!

01 - Recyclable body fluids in human form
02 - Identity exchange program rectum return policy
03 - Solar panel asses
04 - Live from the Russian compound
05 - Earwax halo manufactured for the champion in all of us
06 - Wet dream war machine
07 - Listen, the mighty ear is here
08 - Who wants a dose of the clap?
09 - Teenage mustache
10 - How to become a virgin
11 - Anything Jesus does I can do better
12 - Late for a double date with a pile of atoms in the water closet
13 - File under 'soft core seizures'
14 - Practiced hatred
15 - Psst! Is that a halfie in your pants?
16 - The half-eaten sausage would like to see you in his office
17 - Pulling the Christmas pig by the wrong pair of ears
18 - Can we get another nail in the coffin of culture theft?
19 - Your mantel disguised as a psychic sasquatch
20 - Twenty-three lubed up schizophrenics with delusions of grandeur
21 - Captain Gaydar it's time to wind your clock again
22 - Priest with the sexually transmitted diseases get out of my bed
23 - Pickup truck full of forty minutes


3 commenti:

Regular John ha detto...

figatissima assoluta! che abbiano fatto da spalla agli yeah yeah yeahs, comunque, continua a suonarmi strano...

Anonimo ha detto...

preso! adesso mi ci chiudo poi ti dico, word!

g. ha detto...


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