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copio e incollo questa band dal blog Bloodjunkies Blogspot. Sto già facendo stampare le magliette con il loro nome sopra. e quasi quasi lo ascolto pure...

The Complete Discography (5 Songs) on one 7". The Rutto is a Band with some Members of Terveet Kädet and a Female Singer. This 7" was released on Ikbals Records, I think... because the Inside of it is a bit confused. Anyway check it out, it is very rare and fucking great Finnish Hardcore Punk

01. Mä Vihaan
02. T.H.E.
03. Ei Paluuta
04. Hei Sotilas
05. Sä et Haluu


2 commenti:

Regular John ha detto...

ed io che credevo che in Scandinavia si facesse solo black metal...

Anonimo ha detto...

assai curioso

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