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TIPSY "BUZZZ" (2008)

It's been a while since we had the last release from experimental lounge-funk progenitors Tipsy, but here they are, making a return on Ipecac with sixteen new excursions into jazzy exotica and avant-garde assaults on easy listening. Despite their apparent obscurity, in the years since they started out Tipsy have appeared in the background on TV shows like Sex And The City and The Sopranos, meaning that they've stealthily assumed the muzak disguise they've always toyed around with. On Buzzz there's less in the way of loop and sample-based composition than has been evident on previous outings, placing renewed emphasis on live instrumentation (there are vocals on here too: Japanese singer Coppe joins in on 'Hot Banana' for some excellent Pizzicato Five-style silliness), but there's still a beguilingly off-filter, People Like Us feel to tracks like 'See The Beauty, Touch The Magic'.(boomkat)

1. Tipsy - Midnight Party (2:34)
2. Tipsy - A Night On The Town (3:00)
3. Tipsy - Lipstick Tree (3:19)
4. Tipsy - Sweet Spot (3:15)
5. Tipsy - Swingin' Spaceman (2:56)
6. Tipsy - Chocolate Moon (2:21)
7. Tipsy - Chop Socky (2:52)
8. Tipsy - Electric Blue Eyelashes (3:51)
9. Tipsy - Kitty's Daydream (2:34)
10. Tipsy - Kadonka (3:16)
11. Tipsy - Big Business (3:03)
12. Tipsy - Good Little Demon (3:31)
13. Tipsy - See The Beauty, Touch The Magic (3:05)
14. Tipsy - Wet Rainbow (4:43)
15. Tipsy - Hot Banana (3:08)
16. Tipsy - Up 'til Dawn (2:52)


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