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Strut Records’ Inspiration Information series continues with Ethiopian jazz composer/arranger Mulatu Astatke (best known in the States for Jim Jarmusch’s use of his music in the film Broken Flowers and for his cuts found on the Ethiopiques comps) and British soul-jazz/psych troupe the Heliocentrics. Due out April 14, this collaboration is my favorite in the series so far. Think James Brown, David Axelrod, and Sun Ra go to Addis Ababa, smoke some killer weed, and lay down the jazz-funk of the spheres, aglow with eerie melodies and throbbing with inventive rhythms.

01. Masengo
02. Cha Cha
03. Addis Black Widow
04. Mulatu
05. Blue Nile
06. Esketa Dance
07. Chik Chikka
08. Live From Tigre Lounge
09. Chinese New Year
10. Phantom Of The Panther
11. Dewel
12. Fire In The Zoo
13. An Epic Story
14. Anglo Ethio Suite


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